On-the-job opportunities

On-the-job opportunities

Jul 30
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

Last week, I spent several days out of the office traveling for my internship.

My first out-of-office visit was to a John Deere dealership in Dixon, Illinois. I grew up going to the John Deere dealership in my hometown, but I was always the errand girl. Being the errand girl means one thing: something needs fixed and you’d better not waste any time. That consequently meant that I was never able to actually ask any questions of our dealer.

Last week, I got to sit down for a roundtable discussion with two other interns, a dealer, and a territory manager. I asked questions until I was blue in the face.
I learned about Apex, FarmSight, JDLink, training, sales and promotions, community relations… the list could go on! It was so great to be able to take my knowledge from growing up on a farm and put that into a conversation surrounding modern technology and the challenges dealers and farmers face every day. I loved seeing the “front line” of the business where the rubber meets the road.

Later in the week, I had the opportunity to travel to Horicon, Wisconsin, for a 50th anniversary event for the John Deere lawn mower. My part at the event was to collect video footage for John Deere Online.

I met the original engineers of the 110 lawn mower from 1963 and they were nothing short of inspiring. They shared their stories of triumphs and trials while designing the lawn mower and putting it on the market. They showed maps of where they traveled, blueprints of the design, and photos of the first production line. At the time, several of them were just college students doing summer internships and it was so incredible to hear about what they had experienced during their long careers with John Deere. 

Each week, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that come my way and by the people that I meet. There are only three weeks left of my internship, but I’m sure they will be jam-packed full of great experiences!


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