A job well done

A job well done

Dec 21
K.C. Ting, Head, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

One of the highlights of the fall semester for the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering was the ABE 100 challenge project competition held on December 17. This year, 49 freshmen on 15 teams of two to four students each completed projects and made poster and verbal presentations in various areas of the ABE discipline.

ABE 100 is an introduction to the agricultural and biological engineering profession with Interactive class activities that present concepts necessary for becoming a successful engineer, including time management, design concepts, ethics, and team building. Dr. Angela Green has worked extremely effectively with dozens of ABE department faculty, staff, and students to guide and support the 15 ABE 100 student teams.

The poster competition is the final activity of the course, intended to promote peer-learning and practice task-based problem-solving and technical communication skills. With team names such as Traction in Action, Waste Watchers, The Extractors, and Nanostuds, it is obvious to me that these students are truly enjoying themselves as they take advantage of a unique learning opportunity. While viewing the posters, it was easy to get a sense that the challenge project experience is relevant, impactful, significant, and exciting (R.I.S.E.) to our students. What a wonderful way to start their ABE “career.”

This year’s best overall winner, Traction in Action, worked with the Illini Pullers to determine how weight distribution affects traction, in order to recommend an optimal weight distribution for off-road vehicles.

All of the posters are on display on the first floor of the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building for a full year until the next year’s competition. Please come by to see the excellent work our students are doing. And congratulations to all the ABE 100 teams on a job well done!