Just ask our students

Just ask our students

Oct 8
Walt Hurley, Professor of Animal Sciences

The Undergraduate Seminar course in Animal Sciences (ANSC 298) is a type of career development course aimed at our sophomore and transfer students. We encourage them to explore their interests in animals. We help them begin the process of understanding the breadth of the field of animal sciences and recognize that this field extends well beyond the realm of veterinary medicine. We challenge them to consider alternative job and career goals. All this is done in the context of them discovering their own role as an animal scientist.

We are fortunate in the fall to have the annual ACES Career Fair that allows them to further this self-discovery process. Students who attend the Career Fair find it a valuable experience, even if they are not currently looking for internships or jobs. One ANSC sophomore who attended the ACES Career Fair last week said, “It was a really great experience, even though it was a little overwhelming at first. Being in 298 really helped though because I knew what to have with me and how to present myself. I thought that there was a great variety of companies there and I was able to figure out which ones I was interested in.  … I talked to a few companies that we talked about in class and I found it really interesting and helpful for future reference.” 

Another student said, “I attended the ACES Career Fair yesterday for about two hours, and I had a great time. I learned more about the opportunities that are available within the animal sciences industry that may or may not pertain to veterinary medicine…. I highly encourage all ACES students to attend this career fair. Even if you don't think that there is anything for your major or concentration, it is a great way to network and see all the opportunities within the agriculture industry. I know that I personally will feel much more comfortable introducing myself to prospective employers and animal science industry leaders.” 

I believe their comments say it well. The ACES Career Fair is a high-impact, out-of-the-classroom experience for our students.


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