Just a few reasons why I <3 ACES

Just a few reasons why I <3 ACES

Feb 23
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

Every time I hear “Illinois Loyalty” ringing from Altgeld as I walk to class, my decision to come to the University of Illinois is reaffirmed. It’s my home away from home. A place I feel like I belong and I owe that to the College of ACES. I may be a little biased, but this is by far my favorite college, and I have three reasons why.

1.    Department of Animal Sciences: As an animal science major, the opportunities and experiences I’ve had so far are incredible ones. When Dr. Parsons handed out baby chicks for my ANSC 100 class to hold while he gave a lecture, I knew I was in the right spot. Animal Science students can take trips to the farm to get hands-on experience or be part of RSO’s like Teachers for Creatures or the Rodeo Club. There is a diverse range of animal lovers walking through the Animal Science Lab and they’re part of the reason the College of ACES is so wonderful.

2.    College of ACES Library: It’s my favorite library to study, because it’s quiet, small, and cozy. Not to mention the students that work there are great! I’ve been working at this library for two years and it’s one of the places I spend most the majority of my time. The people that come in and out of the library are there for many different reasons – attending events and meetings, searching for a job, getting a resume reviewed, asking questions about scholarships, or trying to find the vending machines. You’ll end up spending more time at this library than you realize which is great, because it’s the best one!

3.    The exceptional students, faculty, and staff: Without them, those places above wouldn’t be as special. The professors really care about you as a student and want to expand your knowledge and way of thinking. It’s not just about the tests and quizzes, it’s about growing as a person and getting us prepared for life. The people I work with in Suite 115, the Dean’s Office, Mumford Hall, and the Alumni Association are all people who care deeply about the students and this college, and they’ve made my time here an enjoyable one.

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Sara Tondini