Just Returning From South Africa

Just Returning From South Africa

Jul 15
Walt Hurley, Professor of Animal Sciences

I have long been a proponent of study abroad programs that provide our students with international experiences.  There are few other types of learning opportunities that have the same intensive impact on students as spending time in another country and in another culture.  Students who spend time abroad come home a different person, and the better for having had that experience.

I just returned last week from a 3-week tour around South Africa.  It was a private tour not associated with the university.  We had a wonderful time, seeing the many wild animals, magnificent countryside and the major cities in that country.  I also wanted to use that trip as an opportunity to have a personal introduction to that country.  

We have several study abroad programs affiliated with ACES and run by ACES faculty that involve spending time in South Africa.  A large number of ACES students participate in those programs and the number of programs continues to grow.  For example, one of our alumni from Animal Sciences is developing additional international opportunities in Africa that are available to students.  Having the opportunity to tour South Africa gave me some personal insights that I can use to help our students chose appropriate international opportunities from that part of the world.  Now I can say to them, “I’ve been there.  This what its like and what you can expect there.”  And of course, showing them my many photos of elephants, rhinos, giraffes and others.

One of Walt's many photos of the elephants in South Africa