Kraft Foods Day at the University of Illinois

Kraft Foods Day at the University of Illinois

Sep 30
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

What is one way to ensure that students know that Kraft Foods is visiting campus? Other than flyers and various promotional items, students across campus posted pictures of the 27-foot Oscar Mayer Weinermobile promoting #BornToBun and #Kraft on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as it drove around the University. They were also able to sit in the Weinermobile, receive some promotional items, and a few even got to ride in the vehicle. Weinermobile travel team members, Stephen and Alex, take this vehicle on the road for months at a time where they have been seen at air shows and 4th of July parades.

Earlier this month, Kraft Foods began their tour of campus by bringing some recent Food Science and Human Nutrition graduates to meet with several students in Bevier Hall to talk about their future internship and career opportunities with the company. They took their visit to the next level by bringing food samples and worked with Bevier Café to showcase some of their products for lunch that day. Additionally, Kraft Foods spent time with the College of Business and College of Engineering to promote their brand and opportunities for students in those Colleges.

We appreciate all that Kraft Foods provides to our classroom experiences as well as the quality internships in which some of our students participate!


Kraft Foods Day