Last Day of Classes

Last Day of Classes

Dec 7
Brianna Gregg, ACES Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment

As I morphed from student to employee at Illinois, my feelings about the last day of classes before finals changed. While as a student I was excited for the last day of courses, finishing that final paper or studying with my friends for final exams, now I am a little sad because many of the students will be gone for close to 5 weeks and campus will be E M P T Y.

This does have some perks. 

·         Driving around campus is MUCH quicker

·         There ISN’T a line at Panera and there IS a place to sit

·         Projects that have been put off due to time are slowly getting done


·         No students to have conversations with about their research and experiences

·         No classes to further learning (unless you are taking one online - there is still time!!!)

·         The hallways and sidewalks look like campus went through rapture

·         Bevier Café closes meaning no cookies for me or Santa

So as you enjoy your time away from campus, wherever that is, please know that you are missed and we are counting down the days until you return!