Leaving legacies

Leaving legacies

Nov 2
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

This is cliché, but have you thought about your legacy? Lately I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. Part of my job entails communicating with donors about their scholarships recipients, and hopefully providing an opportunity for students and donors to communicate. As part of the natural course of things, every year there are a few of our long-time supporters and donors who pass away, and it leads me to reflect on their lives and accomplishments.

I’m frequently amazed by the degree to which they’ve left legacies, not only in our college, but in so many other ways. On the surface they’re ordinary people, but they’ve made extraordinary impacts on their communities, families, friends, and of course, on our beloved college and university.

Everywhere you look on campus you see legacies that convey generosity and love for the university, through buildings, campus landmarks, dedicated spaces, and the very environment surrounding us. But to me, the greatest legacies are found in the faces of everyone you meet, including students, faculty, and staff. We’ve all been encouraged and supported by others in some meaningful way, and we carry their legacy with us.

What an opportunity we have to build a legacy, not just through financial support of things that are near and dear to us, but through the impact we have on others. Thank you for your legacy, and best wishes for a wonderful fall!

Prasanta Kalita