Leaving New Zealand

Leaving New Zealand

Jan 12
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

I just finished my last day in New Zealand and I’m feeling as though I never want to leave this beautiful place. Tonight we had dinner on a sailboat and it was definitely my second favorite part of the trip, behind biking through wine country.

Tonight we had wind in our sails as we watched the sunset and laughed about the good times we’ve had together in the last two weeks. It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago most of the people in this group were strangers to me. Sure we had the common ACES bond, but that was it. It’s amazing to know that these are people who I’ll call some of the best friends I have made in college. They’ve been the wind in my sail for the past two weeks. They’ve made this trip the experience of a lifetime and I owe them for helping me try new things while experiencing a new country.

It’s hard to believe that soon I’ll be back on campus on the other side of the world. After this experience, I’m ready to hit the books, work hard, and be the wind in someone else’s sail.


Ellen Sailing