Aug 8
Brianna Gregg, ACES Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment either love or loathe them. I personally have a love/hate relationship with lists. They tell me how much I’ve accomplished or remind me how much I have left to complete. Some lists are fun- including the list you make when moving to campus for the year!  Below are some items I would encourage you to include that you may not find on a standard housing website.

  • A Frisbee – what better way to meet new people than to throw a Frisbee on the quad
  • Duct tape—a great way to fix things (always check with floor advisor before use)
  • Water Bottle—stay hydrated, the path ahead has many inclines and has potential rocky terrain
  • Sun Block—the first Illini football game can be pretty toasty
  • Microwave Popcorn—just be sure to mind the time, burnt popcorn smell is hard to eliminate
  • Deck of Cards- lots of games to play and meet people with (I’m always up for a game of euchre!)
  • UMBRELLA—just carry it with you everywhere- the weather here is temperamental

There are lots of other items to bring, but this might help you complete the packing list.

Welcome back Illini! We’ve missed you!

Duct tape