Looking back on LeaderShape®

Looking back on LeaderShape®

Jan 16
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Last week was one of the best weeks of my professional life (O.K., my personal life as well, aside from family!). I had the honor of serving as a cluster facilitator for the University of Illinois winter break session of LeaderShape®, a 6-day leadership institute. I saw my involvement as an opportunity to learn more about an event which I routinely encourage students to attend. However, I was somewhat skeptical about spending so much time away from the office and from home.

Had I only known what an amazing experience it would be, I would have begged to be a facilitator years ago! First, our students are amazing. There were 62 U of I students (including 11 students from the College of ACES), and everyone was open to building a great learning community. Much of LeaderShape® centers around developing a personal vision for the future, geared toward service and truly changing the world. This is not easy, but it is worth it. I believe everyone ended the week with an amazing vision, but also with specific short-term goals for making a difference now.

There is so much more I can say, but I’ll end with my strong endorsement for this program. If you ever have the opportunity to attend or help facilitate, I say go for it!