Looking Toward Our Future

Looking Toward Our Future

Jul 13
Jessica Telgmann, Senior in Agricultural Communications

The first ACES Family Academies took place July 9 and 10, and I was lucky enough to volunteer at the event. Nearly 100 participants came to campus--alumni and their children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren.

The alumni and their “future Illini” learned about wellness, animal sciences, robotics, electricity, food science, and much more!

I loved watching the multiple generations interact together while they both learned new subject matter. The bonds formed were special, and ACES Family Academies allowed those relationships to become stronger.

All day long I saw smiling faces. Personally, my favorite session was the Magical Milk Lab where participants learned how curds are formed and even got to make and enjoy a sweet treat. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

This event was a great opportunity for alumni to bring their families back to the Illinois campus and share the special memories they have of this great place, as well as make some new ones!