Make campus feel like home

Make campus feel like home

Aug 24
Brianna Gregg, ACES Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment

Now that you’ve settled into your rooms, it is time to start making Champaign-Urbana feel like home. For me, that is finding the quintessential sweet shop. I grew up working at both an Oberweiss and a Dairy Queen, so I fancy myself a bit of an ice cream expert. You won’t find Oberweiss here, but you will see a few Dairy Queens, lots of frozen yogurt shops (an insult to the creamy deliciousness of ice cream) and a few local shops. The closest local one is probably Custard Cup/Jarlings. This is great if you want a short walk from campus. Another great option is the Sydney Dairy Barn. It is a little further out, but worth the drive!

The downfall with these locations is that they close during the cold months of the year, which seem to be coming faster and staying longer. LUCKILY there is another great option right here on campus! Bevier Café has some of the BEST cookies around. So if you are looking for a go-to-study-spot or just a place to grab a sweet treat after taking that exam, Bevier Café is worth checking out!

And yes, this is an actual picture of their cookies- commence mouthwatering.

Bevier Cookies