Making Bacon

Making Bacon

Aug 29
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

Many of you explored new job opportunities, worked at internships, traveled the world, or spent time with your family on summer break. I spent most of mine making bacon. I was able to get the opportunity to work at the Meat Science Lab on campus and it made my hot summer, a rather cool one.

All the meat in our facility is sourced from the University of Illinois research farms. Slaughtering takes place on Tuesday mornings and the rest of the week is spent cutting meat into retail cuts, making sausages, bacon, jerky, hams and opening our doors for sales. My favorite part of this summer has been working the sales counter. People from all over the community, employees of the University of Illinois, and many students frequent the Meat Sales Lab buying things like beef bones, liver, ribeye’s, pork chops, and flats of eggs. When people ask me what to buy I always tell them to get the pulled pork (seriously, you need to try it). The reason I went into animal science was to be a part of the process of getting quality food to people’s tables. Helping families pick out what their dinner is going to be that week or explaining to them what a chuck roast is and why they should try it is a very satisfying part of this job. Family dinners are something I really miss, going into my senior year at the U of I, and being a tiny part of some of your meals is so enjoyable.

If you’ve never been, stop in and say hello (1503 S. Maryland Dr. Urbana, IL 61801) and we’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for, which is probably bacon.

Making bacon