Making a difference

Making a difference

Apr 24
Marise Robbins-Forbes, ACES Director of Development, Crop Science and NRES

What a week! Campus is buzzing with celebrations for Earth Week and a vision of sustainability. Earlier this month I had the privilege of meeting an NRES alumnus, Dr. Abram Bicksler, who is making a difference each and every day. Dr. Bicksler was visiting from Thailand to accept the Charles C. Stewart International Young Humanitarian Award. 

His research, teaching and collaborations with 1,500+ partners throughout SE Asia through ISDSI and ECHO Asia exemplify the best in grassroots education and outreach. By knitting together skilled, small share farmers, connecting them with each other as well as experts from around the world, Abrams' work both honors them as individuals and leverages each person's knowledge. 

I was touched deeply by his exceptional depth and strength of character. Abram's dedication and directed actions are indeed reducing hunger and improving lives.

Dr. Abram Bicksler
Dr. Abram Bicksler (left) receives the Charles C. Stewart International Young Humanitarian Award from Wolfgang Schlor.