March Gladness

March Gladness

Apr 2
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

OK, I know it’s April. But as I look back on March, it was quite a month. From a scheduling standpoint I guess you could say it was madness, but from my perspective it was March Gladness. Beginning with a leadership event in Washington, D.C., and including dozens of meetings with prospective and admitted students, presentations at admitted student events on and off campus, chatting with visiting students during Orange and Blue Days, the conclusion of the JBT scholarship interview process, and the selection of the winners for a couple of our top ACES awards for juniors and seniors (no, I’m not releasing the names of the winners yet!), March was an extraordinary month. But there are two events in particular about which I’d like to discuss more.

March is always ExplorACES month, and that is one of the most enjoyable events of the year. A full year of preparation goes into the event, and I’m fortunate to be one of the advisors who works with the student steering committee (did you know ExplorACES is a student-run event!?!). To see their hard work come to fruition in the form of an organized, highly attended event is very rewarding. As always, ExplorACES was visited by hundreds and hundreds of prospective students and their families who witnessed firsthand what our students experience every day: a close-knit, family atmosphere with a tremendous number of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Thanks to all who helped with and attended ExplorACES – let’s do it again next year!

We also hosted a scholarship reception for College of ACES scholarship recipients and their donors. We cannot do enough to show our appreciation to our donors, and I know they enjoy the opportunity to visit with their recipients. As part of the event, Rod Stoll, Vice President of Public Relations for Farm Credit Services of Illinois and ACES alumnus, shared a wonderful message on behalf of the donors. He spoke about the establishment of scholarships being grounded in three P’s:  a specific purpose, a passion, and the intent to pay back. What a beautiful and inspiring message for all of us, regardless of our ability to finance a scholarship. We each are passionate about something, and from that passion can develop a purpose and an intent to pay back through sharing our time, knowledge, or other resources. I I’m blessed in my job to have the opportunity to do something I’m passionate about, and I hope you are as well. Best wishes for a wonderful spring!

ExplorACES 2013