National Nutrition Month Celebrated

National Nutrition Month Celebrated

Mar 31
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

There are a lot of exciting things that happen on Campus in March. Normally spring will arrive, students get a week away from campus, people can be found outside enjoying the Sun on the quad, and more!  But in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, March was especially fun, thanks to National Nutrition Month!

Students and Faculty alike celebrated National Nutrition Month as a way to help spread the important message of eating right and eating healthy.  Our students also embraced the opportunity to educate others with what they know and have learned.  Students have been all around campus promoting healthy eating, creating unique and healthy meal options, hosting interactive booths and workshops, and sharing the importance of eating smart.

One exciting theme students have worked hard on is called “Be a Flexitarian”.  Over 60 students in the department worked with the Meat Sciences Lab, Student Sustainable Farms, Student Sustainability Committee, Alpha Phi Omega and the Campus Dining Facilities to offer a meal that emphasizes plant-based protein sources.  A flexitarian diet consists of mostly plants with meat in moderation.  Our students have hosted several of these events and wrapped up the celebration by hosting a “Be Flexitarian” food vendor show during dinner on March 31 at the Ikenberry Dining Hall.  This show served hundreds of healthy and plant-centric food samples to students on campus.

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