NRES 201 – Introductory Soils

Introductory Soils (NRES 201) combines a lab with lecture-based learning to reinforce major concepts with hands-on exposure through structured lab exercises. The exercises address soils’ physical, chemical, and biological properties.

“For me, the best part of teaching NRES 201 comes from helping students discover a remarkable resource that often goes unnoticed and yet which is so crucial for sustaining life on Earth,” says course professor Richard Mulvaney.

Students in NRES 201 gain an understanding of the importance of soils, their occurrence as a slowly renewable resource, and their role in the natural cycling of water and nutrients. They learn how various soils differ and how these differences affect land use and management and why management is critical to long-term soil use.

“Considering NRES 201 is a required course for NRES undergrads and attracts considerable enrollment from other departments, you would find former students employed in a wide variety of careers,” Mulvaney says. “Among these would be agricultural production, agribusiness, and academia.”

Students have the opportunity to take the course in either the Fall semester taught by Professor Mulvaney or the Spring semester with Professor Yuji Arai.

A Healthy Planet Professor: Fall, Richard Mulvaney; Spring, Yuji Arai