NRES 219: Principles of Ecosystem Management

In NRES 219, Principles of Ecosystems Management, students learn ecological principles that are the foundation for understanding biological systems on many different levels of organization. The course covers topics such as abiotic influences on organisms, energy acquisition, population ecology, species interactions, biological communities, and ecosystem ecology.

“My hope is that students gain an appreciation that organisms, communities and ecosystems follow a relatively simple set of natural rules, but that these rules can lead to very different outcomes, depending on the context of the situation,” says professor Yannarell. Students will enhance foundational skills and combine that with directly gaining knowledge of ecosystems.

Using the interactive online textbook, simulations and experiments, coupled with interactive class discussion, students learn skills they could use to pursue graduate degrees or find a career in the USDA or EPA as an administrator, technician, or instructor.
On why he enjoys teaching the class, Professor Yannarell says, “The natural world can be a fascinating, beautiful, and strange place, and bringing some of these stories into the classroom sometimes makes me feel like I’m hosting a show on the Discovery Channel.”

A Healthy Planet Professor: Anthony Yannarell