One Student’s Journey of Career Exploration

One Student’s Journey of Career Exploration

Dec 17
Walt Hurley, Professor of Animal Sciences

I have written about our ANSC 298 Undergraduate Seminar course previously. One goal of this course is to provide our Animal Sciences students with insights into what they might do with their degree in the future. Most are focused on a career in veterinary medicine, although only a few will accomplish that goal.  Most of the students are sophomores when they take the course, and therefore have some time to make decisions about what directions to pursue.  We have various speakers visit the class, tell their stories and answer questions about what they are doing and why they decided to pursue that career path.  

Does this type of course have an impact on the students?  Apparently the answer is yes.  One of the students asked if she could take the course for honors credit.  I asked her to maintain a blog that recorded her aspirations, thoughts, anxieties, and revelations about career paths in Animal Sciences.  She gave me permission to share her blog.  It is very interesting reading.  Be sure to read it in chronological order from the beginning of the semester to follow her progression of interests and the things that influenced her thought process.

Check out her blog here.

Happy Holidays.