Opportunity of a lifetime

Opportunity of a lifetime

Mar 3
Kendall Herren, Senior in Agricultural Communications

We talk about opportunities in ACES a lot. The hands-on, real-world experiences. Well last night I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I had the chance to watch the greatest miracle on Earth: a new life being born.

This semester I’m in the ANSC 199 class, also known as Foal Watch. You work six different shifts: three shifts from 6 p.m. to midnight, and three from midnight to 6 a.m. I won’t lie. The midnight to 6 a.m. shifts aren’t always the most fun.

But after last night, I don’t really care. Because I got to watch a mare foal the cutest brown and white faced filly! And I watched her take her first steps within an hour!

It was the coolest thing as some veterinarians came in and threw on some gloves and started helping her push. My friend Siera had to hop in the stall and hold the mare as she was pushing so the vets could help pull the foal out. It all happened so quick that it was hard to think about what was happening, you just wanted to yell push and have the baby fall out!

As soon as the foal hit the ground, the vets instantly started drying her off with towels and cleaning her up. They checked the sex and cleaned up where the umbilical cord was connected.

And then we all kind of just stood there in awe. We watched as the foal started moving around and tried to get up. I’ll admit, I was just kind of awestruck with the whole thing.

I watched for a good half hour as she tried standing up, and finally she did! It was so funny to watch her wobble and then fall back down.

Overall, this might be the highlight of my college career. How cool is it that I got to watch a horse give live birth?! And I was able to help! (Maybe just by handing towels to the vets and opening a bag that had blood on it. But I got my blood on my hands, so that means I really contributed, right?!)

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