Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

Aug 20
Brianna Gregg, ACES Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment

If anyone grew up in a musical loving household like me, you'll be able to name that one right away! State Fair! Roger and Hammerstein were able to capture the Iowa State fair in about 90 short minutes, but the romance and excitement of the Illinois State Fair cannot be fully captured or appreciated until you experience it firsthand. Last Tuesday was Agricultural Day at the 2014 Illinois State Fair and the College of ACES at Illinois was invited to participate in the festivities.

We celebrated the sesquicentennial and centennial farms, hung out with some furry and scaly creatures, listened to the legend, Orion Samuelson speak in his radio voice, sampled fruits from the Illinois soil and congratulated the many members of the agricultural community that have contributed to its success over the past year. I may have also taste tested an elephant ear…“may” being the optimal word.

The best part of the day was seeing all of the people that were excited about all of the many aspects of life agriculture touches- from food, human development, sustainability, international markets, conservation, health and safety. Agriculture is everywhere we look and I was pretty lucky to be part of this celebration.

Brianna with her childhood hero, Smokey the Bear! Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!