Outstanding Students and Impressive Interships

Outstanding Students and Impressive Interships

Aug 7
Kendra Courson, Director for Special Events

I have always been amazed by the quality of the College of ACES students. Last night and today were both opportunities to see some of our finest students in the spotlight.

I had the distinct privilege of participating in the 2015 GROWMARK Intern Program. This 12-week intern program is quite extensive and included a great deal of hard work and effort from some of our students. The GROWMARK internships started with an orientation meeting in mid-May, followed by 12 weeks with a member company or division, and ended with last night banquet and today’s formal project presentations.  

Founded in 1959, this program has had 1,002 interns since the inception. Quite amazing when you think (or some of you may know!) of former interns who have gone through the program and are now at GROWMARK in very valued positions. This year’s program included 57 interns from 18 universities. The types of internships included accounting, agronomy, commodities, human resources, energy, grain, and precision agriculture just to name a few.

Cale Sims, senior in TSM, was one of the interns in this summer’s program and kicked off the morning’s schedule with a presentation on Grain Logistics Management. Cale spent the summer in a field that was brand new to him. His internship was based out of Gateway FS in Red Bud, IL. Cale will be in his fourth year as an intern in the ACES Library Special Events Office.

Other wonderful ACES students with GROWMARK internships included: Sarah St. Aubin, Kayla Bennett, Taylor Friedrich, Adam Gerdes, Josh Huber, Angela Kelley, and Darren Riskedal.

Being around such wonderful students always inspires me and gets me motivated for the beginning of another semester!

Cale Sims presents findings of his internship project.

Crop Sciences Wendy White (center) and students Sarah St. Aubin (right) and Kayla Bennett.

Cale Sims and his mentor, Kendra Courson.