People and experiences make life richer

People and experiences make life richer

Sep 14
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

I am reminded time and time again that much of what makes the College of ACES unique is our people! Over the past week, I have witnessed multiple examples of how people and the experiences we share are what make life richer!

On Friday afternoon, three students studying agricultural and consumer economics shared some of their student experience with a group of alumni, donors and friends of the college. All three students benefited from experiential learning, individual advising and professional development opportunities made possible by gifts to the ACE Student Advising and Enrichment Center fund. One donor noted how hearing their stories motivates her to continue to give and encourage others to do the same. The entire celebration was about people and their shared experiences - donors creating experiences for current and future students; advisors informing students of opportunities; and students embracing those experiences and sharing their gratitude with those who made it possible.

The Salute to Agriculture tent party was the venue for my very own reflection on life experiences and the people with whom we share them. From across the tent, I spotted a friend with whom I shared many 4-H experiences. A quick hug and a few minutes of conversation provided personal gratitude for a youth program that brought so many people and experiences in to my life! 4-H is people, experiences, the College of ACES and so much more!

Indeed, the people with whom we share experiences in the College of ACES create part of the tapestry of our lives!

Jenna Davis (left) and Adam Kurczewski (right), students in ACE thank Tom and Bev Frey for their support of the ACE Student Advising and Enrichment Center fund.