Preparing for fall

Preparing for fall

Jun 10
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Even though many of our current outstanding ACES students have gone home for the summer, this month the College of ACES is busy preparing for a new generation of students to arrive in the fall. New Students in ACES are spending a summer day preparing for their first year during the student orientation program, set up specifically to welcome them into the family.

Many outstanding faculty and staff are working hard to ensure that this transition happens smoothly and effectively. Incoming students first meet with fellow University of Illinois students from departments all across campus. Then, the College of ACES brings them together to introduce them to staff, talk about the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead of them, and introduce them to ACES faculty. After the ACES community meeting, the students are then divided by department, where they learn about classes, expectations, and opportunities through their selected major. They also prepare for their arrival in August, discussing living arrangements, student services and even scheduling their first semester of classes.

For students entering the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Terri Cummings, Director of Student Services, is the welcome crew with a wealth of information. She has been welcoming new students to the department, offering advice, working with students to develop a schedule that fits their needs and even sharing with them some success stories of students she’s worked with before.

Terri offered some great advice to students during the orientation program. She said, “While you are all successful students, you will need to make sure you stay focused on your studies here on campus.”

As an academic advisor, Terri also mentioned the importance of students checking their campus email regularly, as important information will be sent often during the summer to prepare students for a successful education through the College of ACES. Summer will go quickly and the class of 2017 will be on campus soon!


Terri Cummings meeting with students