Recruiting new students

Recruiting new students

Jan 31
Doug Parrett, Interim Head of the Department of Animal Sciences

It is exciting to be able to participate in ACES recruiting programs for next year’s new students. Animal Sciences has a large number of highly qualified students who are admitted and we are working hard to convince them to come to Illinois. Receptions, emails and YouTube are all contact methods that help us tell our story.

When this semester started, I was amazed that more than 200 of our undergraduate students are involved in internships, undergraduate research projects and experiences that occur outside of the classroom. Hands-on learning experiences are a valuable part of the Animal Sciences curriculum. We recognize that students need a good foundation of coursework to enable them to improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills. We are working hard to add group projects and hands-on labs to enhance their learning experience.

During spring break, we will host field trips for students with interests ranging from companion animals to dairy cows. We are proud of our diverse department and bright students who are highly motivated with a passion for animals and good sciences.

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