The return to Champaign-Urbana

The return to Champaign-Urbana

Jan 14
Molly Singraber, Senior in ACES

Even with the cold winter chill welcoming back the student body, there is a buzz on campus that marks the excitement of spring semester. To me, spring semester differs slightly from fall semester in that there is an air of possibility that comes along with spring. It could be the promises of new year’s resolutions that lead to this feeling, or it could be the start of a semester that ends in summer vacation. Either route brings out a warming feeling to a wintery campus.

With this being my last semester on campus, I am looking forward to embracing time with my friends. I am excited to catch up with fellow ACES students and hear about their study-abroad experiences, winter break activities, and new courses. The comfort of proximity is something I will undoubtedly miss upon graduation.

The most stimulating part of returning to campus is the new coursework that comes along with a new semester. I am particularly looking forward to taking my first agricultural education class this semester. As a student in agricultural communications, I believe that honing my leadership skills will enhance my ability to work as a successful communicator. There is nothing like sitting down with a fresh syllabus to ignite the creativity in a student!

This semester is off to a great start and it is just the beginning. Only time will tell where the spring takes me, but the possibilities are looking bright!

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