The scent of October

The scent of October

Oct 7
Kathryn Martensen, Assistant Dean and Director of Advising

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer wanted to create a cologne that smelled like the beach? I think there should be one for October. It would smell like a combination of crisp leaves and grass (minus the mold allergens, natch) with a hint of bonfire and pumpkin spice cider undertones. A definite best-seller, because people love October! There’s even an RSO on campus called “October Lovers.” October is the host month to all kinds of good things: Cool fall weather with brilliant sunshine, the ACES Career Fair, Homecoming, and my favorite holiday, Halloween.

Here are pics from a couple years ago of my sons on Halloween a couple years ago and from our family’s annual football game. Classic fall good times!

Martenson family Halloween

Martenson Thanksgiving