Sea of Blue and Gold

Sea of Blue and Gold

Aug 6
Regan Emkes, Senior in Agricultural Communications

It’s not every day that you see blue corduroy jackets cover the sidewalks on campus. However, on Friday, blue and gold graced much of the south quad for the 2014 FFA Communications Summit, hosted by the College of ACES and the Illinois FFA Association.

The summit brought high school FFA members from across the state of Illinois to learn new ways to communicate about agriculture and what their chapter is doing, and maybe even get a little taste of what a career in agricultural communications is like. These students were bused in during the wee hours of the morning to spend a whole day walking around the ACES campus, networking with students and professionals in the industry.

Multiple workshops, a lunch, and an opening and closing session made up this year's summit. Workshops included newsletter design, photography, social media, and broadcast. Students moved around from classroom to classroom, with the help of the Illinois FFA state officers, to listen to professionals in the industry give them tips and tricks to making the most of their FFA experience.

As a high school student involved in FFA, I was always eager to go to things where I would be interacting with college students and professionals. Having served as my chapter’s president and reporter some time ago, I enjoyed learning new things that would make my chapter stand out a little more. I saw a lot of bright-eyed students much like myself when I was sporting FFA official dress. Some of my greatest memories were lived out in that blue corduroy jacket.

I loved seeing the next generation of agricultural advocates on the campus that I know and love. They all have such bright futures ahead of them and I hope that each and every one of the students learned something they can use to maximize their FFA experience. It was a great day for everyone and I hope that one day soon I’ll be one of the professionals coming back to share my experiences.

FFA members making their way into the ACES Library on Friday