Show us your 4-H green

Show us your 4-H green

Mar 23
Judy Mae Bingman, 4-H Media & Marketing

There’s a new campaign to grow 4-H membership to 10 million kids by 2025. Grow True Leaders also aims to collect the names of 1 million 4-H alumni. Can we count on you?

Whether your 4-H experience was speaking to legislators, whipping up a nutritious meal, leading your 4-H club meeting, spending summers at the county fair, or teaching STEM experiences, we want to hear your story so it inspires the next generation of True Leaders.

Here’s all it takes:

Step 1: Go to and register as an Illinois 4-H alum.

Step 2: Any time you want to show others what 4-H has done for you, use the hashtag #thats4H. That’s Illinois’ exclusive tag for everything we do.

Step 3: All year long (but especially April 10-17), use all your social media platforms to give “shout outs” to your friends who are examples of True Leaders. Be sure to use both the #TrueLeaders and the #thats4H hashtags. If you’re okay with it, use geolocation to show you’re part of the Illinois team! Need ideas? Your shout out may read “#TrueLeaders like @Kaity teach showring etiquette to today’s #4H members. #thats4H”

Step 4: Watch April 12 for an announcement by 4-H spokesman Jennifer Nettles during the National 4-H Youth Rally in Washington D.C.

Step 5: Follow @Illinois4H on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 6: Help us tell the 4-H story by telling your story at

4H Girl Painting

4H Boy

4H Stem person