Student banquets, clubs and scholarships

Student banquets, clubs and scholarships

Apr 24
Doug Parrett, Interim Head of the Department of Animal Sciences

This past weekend I attended two banquets recognizing students in Animal Sciences for their many achievements during the past year. The banquets showcased student excellence for successful club activities, involvement with community activities, and of course, for outstanding scholarship. I serve as the chair of the Animal Sciences undergraduate honors committee and I am always overwhelmed by the strong academics and variety of activities our students are involved in.

Beyond the classroom our students organize cattle shows, dairy calf sales, rodeos, fundraisers and many other activities. Our students are very engaged in ExplorACES and work hard with our recruiting efforts of new students. And, they always maintain strong grade point averages.

The many scholarship donors that we have in Animal Sciences and ACES always comment on how amazed they are by our students and their busy schedules. And they are always impressed with their maturity and goals for the future.  I think it is a great tribute to the dedicated teachers in ACES that while we have talented students, the many classroom experiences they have in ACES enhances their thinking critical skills and leadership capabilities that will make them successful in their futures.

The end of the semester ends rapidly but the high standards of our students continues on to make the world a better place!

Student banquets, clubs and scholarships
Animal sciences student Jordan Rauch (middle) receives the Phil Rincker Memorial Scholarship from donor Art Farley (right) and Will Rincker of the Rincker Family.