Student Season

Student Season

Jul 14
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

I recently witnessed a conversation between two people discussing “farming season.”  Having grown up on a diversified livestock and grain farm, and wanting to dispel the myth that farming is a job that only takes a few weeks in the spring and fall; this is likely a topic for a completely separate post on a different blog.

However, listening to the conversation, I started to think about the College of ACES and how some might view our work as something that happens during “student season” (August through May). Yes, indeed, campus is a very busy place when all the students are here, but summer doesn’t mean that the work, discovery, learning, or outreach goes on vacation!

Many ACES students are on campus this summer participating in research and internship experiences or enrolled in classes during the summer session I or II. Four days a week, students taking FSHN 240 – Quantity Foods are serving lunch in the Bevier Café.

Graduate students and faculty members are hosting junior high and high school students for enrichment and career exploration programs, such as RAP, 4-H summer academies, and more. Research continues in laboratories, including the South Farms. It’s growing season in research plots and orchards!

Faculty and staff are tending to a variety of administrative matters, including student orientation, awarding scholarships, prospective student tours, and all the business matters (budgets, year-end reports, newsletters, and e-mail communications, etc.) that keep this institution functional. My calendar includes several meetings with College of ACES alumni and donors who generously support students, researchers, and programs. These are year-round tasks required for a successful “student season.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the space upgrades that occur over the summer, as well. The smell of paint, the sound of nail guns, and the pile of recycling outside offices of professionals relocating work spaces are all norms at this time of year.

For indeed it is still a busy time on campus!

FSHN student serving lunch at Bevier Cafe