Students are Ready for a Semester of Student Teaching

Students are Ready for a Semester of Student Teaching

Dec 17
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

As the fall semester comes to an end, five agricultural education students will be starting their student teaching experience in a few weeks. Excited, nervous, and with anxious anticipation, they wait to see what the “real-world” holds for them! They are prepared to help FFA members with record books and CDE competitions, work with cooperating teachers to learn the tricks of the trade, and apply the skills they have learned in their collegiate coursework in the high school agriculture classroom.

Agricultural education is one of the unique majors where students get to wholeheartedly invest the skills they have learned at the university level in a realistic setting as a required component of the curriculum. As aspiring agriculture teachers and FFA advisors, these students can test their skills in a real-world setting while earning college credit, and gain job experience that others only aspire to obtain during their academic career. Additionally, they can begin to develop networks within the agricultural education community, and build relationships with students and teachers that will last a lifetime.

The five students – Kirsten Blackford, Liz Harfst, Bryanne Kalous, Kiersten Kasey, and Mark McKown – will work closely with some of the most outstanding and well-respected agriculture teachers in the state. We are proud of what they have accomplished so far, and look forward to seeing their development in the educational process during their student teaching experience.

Spring 2014 Student Teachers
Left to Right: Mark McKown, Bryanne Kalous, Kirsten Blackford, Liz Harfst, and Kiersten Kasey