Study Abroad Strategically

Study Abroad Strategically

Sep 8
Meredith Blumthal, Director of ACES Education Abroad Program

This time of year we are surrounded by corn and soybean fields, living in the land of flat and fertile farmland. As you consider what you study, gear up for career fairs and your future career path, remember the walls of our great university do not confine you. Rather, they are your gateway to the world and perhaps the career you never thought was possible.

We don’t live in wine country, but if you want a career in that industry, study abroad can provide you with those skills. For example, consider spending a summer abroad in France learning about French and European agriculture, and then spend 4 weeks living and working on a winery. Or, spend a semester in Mendoza, Argentina, the center of Malbec wine production, where you will learn about Argentine wines, Spanish language, and then work for a winery such as Trapiche, whose name you might find in your local grocery store.

Although we are landlocked, study abroad provides an array of opportunities to study marine life. Spend a semester program in the Galapagos Islands, and study on one of the world's most beautiful and biologically diverse locations. Get hands-on experience in marine ecology. Or, you could spend the semester in Turks and Caicos with the School for Field Studies learning about marine ecosystems and conducting research techniques in the field. If you just can’t convince yourself to spend a semester abroad, then pay attention to faculty led programs in the Bahamas at the Cape Eleuthera Institute this winter break.

Interested in wildlife management and conservation issues? Study abroad in Botswana, Tanzania, or South Africa to gain experiential knowledge of various wildlife management and conservation issues in Africa and to attain proficiency in field research.

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Meredith visiting the John Lennon Wall in Prague.