Summer's coming!

Summer's coming!

May 7
Lauren Redman, Academic Advisor for Animal Sciences freshmen and sophomores

The end of the spring semester is here and many of our students are off to complete internships and research projects this summer. Animal Sciences values these experiences and allows students to receive credit under ANSC 398: Experiential Learning. Our students are required to complete at least one experiential learning activity, but it has become quite common for students to complete several during their time here as an undergrad.

Every year, we have dozens of students who travel across the globe and some even stay here on campus to complete a variety of internships. This year, we have students interning in Florida, Virginia, Canada, South Africa, France, and even New Zealand. They focus on a variety of animal species and science disciplines. The internships our students complete gives them a real-world glimpse into a career they may or may not have considered.

We also have several students staying here in Champaign-Urbana or at Dixon Springs in Southern Illinois to conduct research. Like internships, these research projects often ignite a passion that may lead to graduate school and/or a career in research beyond their education. Many students are able to conduct their own research projects and may even get the opportunity to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.  

There is nothing more rewarding than getting out of the classroom and applying your knowledge in the real world. Whether it’s in your own backyard or half-way across the globe, these experiences stick with you.  

We receive pictures throughout the summer from our students and they are often posted on our Animal Sciences Facebook Page, so keep an eye out for them!  


Summer's coming for animal sciences students