A time to reminisce

A time to reminisce

Nov 14
Shelly Nickols-Richardson, Head, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

What is Hospitality Management (HM)? It’s the coordinating, organizing, managing, and leading of warm, friendly, and abundant entertainment and reception of visitors and guests. In the College of ACES, it’s the study of a combination of complex business principles with biological and social sciences that lead to lucrative careers in the hospitality industry.

A gregarious group of HM alumni gathered at the Schaumburg Wildfire, hosted by Howard Katz (BS’82) and Adam Rochman (BS’01) (left middle), to network and socialize. Graduates shared their stories about their wide variety of amazing positions in the HM industry, while reconnecting with classmates and building their professional networks. Foods, beverages, and friendliness were flowing as Alanna Olah (front center) and Jill Craft (far right) caught up with individuals to hear about their illustrious careers.

Many fond memories of Bevier Café and the “stress” of the Spice Box meal were shared. Most reminisced about how their experiences in the HM program helped them to be successful in their first and subsequent professional positions. All are proud to be U of I graduates! Watch for future HM alumni gatherings and join in the fun!

Wildfire Alumni Event