That was fun

That was fun

Feb 7
Walt Hurley, Professor of Animal Sciences

One of the units that I use in the lactation biology course is about mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary gland. The unit consists of a lecture to help students frame their thoughts about the topic, extensive online background information (the “book”) and two online mastitis case studies that they can solve on their own. These are great case studies of mastitis in dairy cattle herds that were developed by Dr. Dawn Morin in Vet Medicine.

Few of the students have a background involving dairy cattle, lactation, or mastitis. To help them, we use an exceptional learning resource – the dairy farm. Students enjoy visiting the farms and it helps them put into context the basic concepts of dairy cattle management and facilities as they relate to mastitis. Students rotate among eight stations in groups while working to complete an assignment in which they relate the new information and each station to the online cases that they had previously completed.

Through this activity, they practice their vocabulary, gain a better understanding of underlying principles of mastitis, apply their on-site learning to the cases, analyze the facilities as they relate to mastitis, and evaluate the new information with respect to the cases. And, all that happens while bonding with their groups and learning from each other. What do they have to say about this adventure? “That was fun!”

This is only the beginning. Wait until you see what they are up to next.

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