Wear Orange Wednesday

Wear Orange Wednesday

Feb 25
Manuel Colón, NRES Student Recruitment Coordinator

A frequent question I get when I tell people I work for my alma mater is “So, you loved it so much you never left, huh?”, to which I always reply “No. I loved it so much I went on the other side of the world and came back!”

The education and experience I gained from the College of ACES is one that was life-changing and very impactful. So much so, that when I returned from my 27 month service in the United State Peace Corps, in Paraguay (4,920 miles from Urbana), I was elated at the opportunity to come home to the department where I received my degree, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and inspire and motivate others into our field. During my undergraduate career at Illinois, I was connected to amazing mentors in the environment field, gained valuable hands-on experiences in our field courses, and expanded my world knowledge on a variety of topics. The privilege of being an alumnus and staff in ACES is one that I don’t take lightly, and I’m always excited as I work with future students in realizing their own potentials here in our college.

From South Korea, Paraguay, and back here in the Midwest, I wear my Illini pride on my sleeve!

Manuel in Mexico

Manuel at Konkuk University

Manuel in Champaign-Urbana