What’s With All the Noise at Turner Hall?

What’s With All the Noise at Turner Hall?

Dec 12
Manuel Colón, NRES Student Recruitment Coordinator

Turner Hall, home to both the Department of Crop Sciences and Natural Resources and Environmental sciences, is in the first phase of getting a major facelift.  The building, named after Jonathan Baldwin Turner, a leading voice in the social movement that produced land grant universities here in the United States, is already fifty years old. Turner Hall has been expanded upon, but has never seen as major of a renovation that it’s experiencing now.

In 2012, a committee was launched to raise $5 million dollars for Turner Hall’s renovation project, dedicated to keeping the caliber of teaching and learning spaces here at Illinois at their highest. This past summer, early phases of the project have started with a complete overhaul of all the external windows of the building. Construction crews are part of the Turner Hall’s daily residents as they remove and replace the building’s over 200 windows. Guests of Turner Hall may find it noisier than usual, but the construction has had relatively low impact on classes and teaching commitments

The next phase of the project, slated to start next year, will see a complete gutting of the soils and crops laboratories, updating them to more modern research and education spaces that incorporate more innovative technologies.  This will include electronic displays, modular furniture, flexible seating, and a preparation facility.

So, as the saying goes: Please pardon our dust (and noise) while we work on creating a better experience for students studying here at Illinois.

For more information on the Turner Hall Project, click here.