What’s a chair?

What’s a chair?

Oct 13
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson recently announced the establishment of permanent endowment fund that will create the Robert A. Easter Chair in the College of ACES. This announcement prompted me to reflect on the many academic titles and accomplishments that are familiar to many on campus but may be less understood by those not neck-deep in academia.

So, what’s a chair?

A named faculty chair is the highest honor the University of Illinois can confer on prominent faculty members. This honor, and the associated funds, help attract and keep faculty members who are extremely accomplished in their fields. The dedicated chair funds support the faculty member or administrator (as is the case with the Robert A. Easter Chair) to excel in their scholarly activities. This might include partial salary support, laboratory equipment, staff or students, or other research expenses.  

The College of ACES is home to numerous named endowed chairs made possible by private support from individuals, organizations, and corporate partners.  To learn more about endowed chairs or other forms of faculty support, contact the College of ACES Office of Advancement.

Dr. Bob and Cheryl Easter