What’s the next best food idea?

What’s the next best food idea?

Jan 5
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Low sodium.  Containing by-products. Energizing capabilities. Heart healthy claim. These are just examples of the parameters students received for their semester projects in the food product development course. FSHN 466 is the senior capstone course in the food science concentration.  Students work in teams to develop a new product, using the knowledge and experiences from their previous course work.

Instructors provide the students with a product category, consumer demographic and just a few product attributes that they must meet. Then, the creativity kicks in. Students encounter technical challenges along the way, which contribute to their learning experience in the course.

On Thursday, December 19, the students presented their products to a team of judges, as well as the general public. The judges were alumni and friends with varied professional experiences in the food industry. Nearly 75 guests partook of samples the students prepared. The winning team received the stylish #10 can trophy, a special tribute to the food industry! We won’t be revealing their product here on the blog because it will advance to the national Institute of Food Technologists student product development competition.

Maybe we’ll see some of the products developed in the course on our grocery shelves in the future.

FSHN 466 new product development