What’s your New Semester Resolution?

What’s your New Semester Resolution?

Jan 6
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

The start of the calendar year typically includes a few New Year’s resolutions. Some people set a goal to lose weight, exercise more, give up a poor habit, or live a healthier lifestyle.

For students and faculty, it’s important to reenergize during Winter Break. Rest. Enjoy time with family and friends. Prepare for the upcoming semester.

In the next few weeks, challenge yourself to create a New Semester Resolution. What do you want to do differently this semester? Improve your grades? Join an RSO? Commit to a study abroad experience?

Like any goal setting process, be specific with your New Semester Resolution. Establish checkpoints to evaluate your progress. Provide measurable and realistic details to help you achieve your New Semester Resolution.

Enjoy the next few weeks of your break. Return to campus with a renewed sense of purpose to fulfill your New Semester Resolution!

New Semester Resolutions