What being behind the scenes of #RealPigFarming taught me

What being behind the scenes of #RealPigFarming taught me

Sep 27
Nicole Chance, Sophomore in Agricultural Communications

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with the National Pork Board; a dream that I was thankful enough to have become a reality. Through this experience I have been humbled to give back to an industry that has given so much to me.

The satisfaction of what I have had the opportunity to experience this summer has simply come from  hearing stories of what America’s pig farmers have done to make the pork industry even better than the day before. I was able to see this first hand with #RealPigFarming.

#RealPigFarming is a social media campaign that helps tell America’s Pig Farmers’ stories. It sheds light on the amount of care, compassion and meticulous thinking and knowledge that goes into being a pig farmer. These are real farms and real stories and they speak volumes to the passion pig farmers have in raising pigs to the highest quality possible.

I know this opportunity would not have been possible without the experiences and knowledge I have gained being a part of the College of ACES. Whether it was my course work or the clubs I have been actively involved in, I have gained an appreciation for the opportunity ACES has to offer. It is a part of my story, and one I want to share with everyone around me.

As I reflect on my experience at the National Pork Board and sharing the stories of #RealPigFarming, I constantly ask myself ‘what can we do in ACES to help share our #ACESstory?’ And the answer is it simply starts with you! Everyone has a story, how has The College of ACES been a part of that story?

Nicole Chance Internship

Interning with National Pork Board this summer

Nichole Chance
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