What do you want to GAIN in 2013?

What do you want to GAIN in 2013?

Jan 7
Jean Drasgow, Director of Career Services

Instead of thinking of what you want to lose in the in New Year (i.e. unwanted pounds, bad habits etc.), I suggest thinking about what you can gain. Yes, that is right. I said the four letter word, G-A-I-N.

In terms of moving your career forward, there is an unlimited list of items you could seek to add. For example, you may want to add a mentor or two to your repertoire to navigate the professional world. Perhaps you could gain a marketable skill such as gaining the ability to create a mobile app. Degrees or certifications are also desirable to gain.

Don’t forget to add experiential learning in 2013. Experiential learning manifests in many forms such as job shadowing, studying abroad, volunteering, completing an internship or performing a job. As you can see, it is desirable to gain rather than lose in the world of careers.

Unlike extra pounds and bad habits, when you gain professional skills, abilities and knowledge, you want to flaunt it rather than hide it. Be sure to update your resume and digital footprint to highlight your progress. In sum, a good career New Year’s resolution is to target what you are missing or determine a weakness and add experiences to enhance your portfolio. Once completed, be sure to document the progress.