You can do that here!

You can do that here!

Feb 24
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

While participating in a career fair event a few years ago, I initiated what I deemed the “You can do that in ACES” game. High school students shared what they were interested in doing for a career and challenged me to explain how they could pursue that aspiration through the College of ACES. Because ACES offers such a broad spectrum of fields and concentrations of study, there were very few instances in which they stumped me.

Some careers, such as veterinarian, dietitian, family therapist, or crop seed sales representative, may have been softballs but others may not seem as obvious. Here’s a few examples of ways that “You can do that in ACES”.

Medical doctor – Consider an undergraduate degree in animal sciences or human nutrition as a strong scientific base for medical graduate programs.

Lawyer – Agricultural and Consumer Economics offers a concentration in Public Policy and Law, but several other departments and concentrations can also be a pathway to law school.

Television personality – Agricultural communications, a joint program with the College of Media, prepares students for careers in varied media. However, students in hospitality management may also find themselves in front of a television camera preparing the latest trendy dish!

Museum curator – Subject matter experts are consulted in venues ranging from city museums to botanical gardens. Graduates from Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Animal Sciences, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and Food Science and Human Nutrition may also find themselves in these roles.

The list goes on. If you are a high school or community college student seeking a plethora of career options, explore the College of ACES! Contact the College of ACES Office of Academic Programs!

I think it’s time to expand the game in to research partnerships, employee recruitment, and philanthropy!

Is your business or organization in need of a subject-matter expert to consult with? Do you need to expand your team beyond the capacity of your research and development team? You can do that in ACES! Contact the ACES Office of Research.

Do you need to hire someone with a specific skill set and knowledge base? You can do that in ACES! Contact the College of ACES Career Services.

Do you desire to invest your personal or corporate finances to impact young people, support ground-breaking research, or create accessibility to projects, programs and opportunities beyond the classroom? You can do that in ACES! Contact the College of ACES Office of Advancement.

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