You still have a place in 4-H

You still have a place in 4-H

Nov 24
Judy Mae Bingman, 4-H Media & Marketing

4-H is the place …  the place where you belong and are part of the club; the place where you decide what matters to you; the place where you serve in the world where you live; the place where you learn and succeed at what interests you.

4-H is the place where you create innovation, where you embrace community, where you change the world, where you grow your  team of friends, where you let your creativity run wild.

4-H, the place where you explore your world and engage in real-world experiences.
4-H is the place… always has been, always will be … where you get better at being you!

4-H members are creating food-secure communities, protecting the natural resources of Illinois, promoting healthy lifestyles, and learning skills vital in today’s workplace. 4-H … where you’re never too old or too young … to learn, to help, to contribute, to serve, to teach, and to be better than you were yesterday.

I would guess that 4-H was a large part of many of your lives before college. It still can be. 4-H needs college students to teach a new generation the skills you learned as members. 4-H needs college students to be mentors, helping youth find their own place. 4-H needs college students to show off the U of I campus to visiting 4-H members. 4-H needs college students to chaperone events. We need you—your time, your talents, your perspective, your drive, your experience, your willingness, and your passion.

4-H still needs you, and we think you still need 4-H, don’t you. Good, then let’s get together soon. Write me at, and let 4-H still be the place for YOU!

Rachel Fox and Kaity Spangler, both 4-H alum and U of I students, served as summer interns at the State 4-H Office in Champaign.