Dean Kim Kidwell’s Post-Spring Break Message

March 22, 2020

Hello, ACES students. It’s so good to be connecting with you today, although in-person will be even better when the time is right.

The last 10 days or so have been a true test. The coronavirus and COVID-19 pushed each of us to try to understand new realities and adjust to help the greater good.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what ACES is all about. I won’t pretend your shift to online learning will be easy, but the ACES community is built for adaptation and resilience. I’m confident we’ll get through this unprecedented time even stronger and even more laser focused on finding innovative solutions for our world’s most critical ongoing challenges.

Know this – faculty and staff have been working hard to make your online coursework robust and rewarding. I know you’ll embrace that while you also practice patience. They’re regaining their footing and adapting, as well.

This is important, too. In the coming days and weeks, ask for help when you need it. Not sure where to start? Start with the ACES website. And then connect with the great people in the ACES community who are here for you in every possible way.

  • We’ll help one another with the factual and the emotional parts of coping with something as big as this.
  • We’ll maneuver and move forward together.
  • We’ll lean on one another – albeit it virtually for now – when we need support.

Let’s show the world the College of ACES is ready for this phase of the test. And when the time is right, I’ll be so glad to see you and the whole College ACES family back on campus – safe and well and still firmly focused on the greater good.

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