South Africa 2018 Global Academy

Building Academic Partnerships in South Africa

Global Academy at Pretoria


The 2018-19 Global Academy, which marked the twelfth year of the program, focused on building academic partnerships in South Africa, specifically with the University of Pretoria and the University of Kwa Zulu Natal.

The scholars selected for the 2018-19 ACES Academy for Global Engagement were:

  1. Dr. Dustin Boler, Associate Professor (Animal Sciences)
  2. Dr. David Bullock, Professor (Agricultural and Consumer Economics)
  3. Dr. Brian Dill, Associate Professor and Department Head (Sociology)
  4. Dr. Tony Grift, Associate Professor (Agricultural and Biological Engineering)
  5. Grant McCarty, Extension Educator
  6. Dr. Carmen Ugarte, Research Specialist (Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences)
  7. Dr. Frank Zhao, Professor (Crop Sciences)

The cohort visited South Africa planned during June 2019.