Past Global Food Security Fellows


Undergraduate Student Fellows

Grace Chantos, agricultural and consumer economics, working with Anna Snider/AgReach on the resilience of smallholder farmers in the face of COVID-19

Zainab Alzoubi, food sciences and human nutrition, working with Melissa Prescott, investigating programs that address food insecurity in Pakistan.

Madison Gardner, interdisciplinary health, working with the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss, advised by Maria Jones

Three ACES undergraduates are working with the Soybean Innovation Lab, advised by Michelle da Fonseca Santos:

Makenzie Jarvis, agricultural and biological engineering

Ian Joyce, agricultural and consumer economics

Zoe Serelis, natural resources and environmental sciences


Graduate Student Fellows

Maggie Cornelius (agricultural and consumer economics advised by Hope Michelson) “Indian Produce Markets During COVID-19: Can Purchase Agreements Stabilize Supply?” (working with IFPRI)  

Heidi Allen Asensio (crop sciences advised by Andrew Margenot) “Can nutrient inputs increase yield and quality in coffee (Coffea arabica)? A case study with smallholders in south-central Guatemala” (with CIAT)

Ece Gulkirpik (food sciences and human nutrition advised by Juan Andrade) "Development and Evaluation of Extruded and Germinated Full-Fat Soybean Flour to Alleviate Undernutrition in the Uganda Context”

Nicole Lee (crop sciences advised by Adam Davis) "Using synthetic pesticides in Mozambique"

Suresh Sharma (natural resources and environmental sciences advised by Richard Brazee and Daniel Miller) “Role of Farmers’ perceived values, beliefs and norms that could influence adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in rural Nepal: Implications for conservation behavior”

Michael Stablein (agricultural and biological engineering advised by Yuanhui Zhang) “Post Hydrothermal Liquefaction Wastewater Reuse for Scalable Cultivation of Algal Biomass for Feeding Assays in Measurement of Fish Growth and Biomass Quality” (Brazil)

Undergraduate Student Fellows

Anneli Cers (sophomore in natural resources and environmental sciences) is working with Daniel Miller, is studying the role of women in ensuring food security in communities that depend on forests for food in India.

Fina Healy and Katie Koprowski (both sophomores in agricultural and biological engineering) are working with Paul Davidson on research on inhibiting bacterial growth in water.

Allison Place (sophomore in agricultural and biological engineering) and Rachel Pu (sophomore in crop sciences) are working with Pete Goldsmith/Soybean Innovation Lab on an aspect of soybean for development and food security. 


Graduate Student Fellows

Ben Norton (agricultural and consumer economics advised by Dr. Hope Michelson) is working with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Tanzania on fertilizer quality validation.

Lucas Roberts (crop sciences advised by Dr. Anthony Studer) will be working with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Mexico on improvements in maize water-use efficiency.

Marshal White (crop sciences advised by Dr. Cameron Pittelkow) is working with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) on balancing economic and environmental sustainability for smallholder rice farmers in Peru.

Rodrigo Trevisan (crop sciences advised by Dr. Nicolas Martin) will be working with CIAT, CIMMYT and the CGIAR Big Data Platform on resilient cultivar development with predictive analytics.

Federico Ceballos Sierra (agricultural and consumer economics advised by Dr. Sandy Dall'erba) will be working with CIAT to understand the dynamics of crop shifting due to climate change in Columbia's low marginal coffee region.


Undergraduate Student Fellows

Three ACES undergraduate students worked with the ACES-based and USAID-funded Strengthening Agriculture and Nutrition Extension activity to deliver a video-extension campaign to smallholder farmers in Malawi:

Christina Fernandez, senior in natural resources and environmental sciences

Kristen Iverson, senior in agricultural leadership and education 

Anoosha Memon, senior in agricultural and consumer economics  


The Global Food Security Fellowships are made possible through a generous gift from Arlys Conrad.