Educational Corn Website Debuts
September 1, 2004
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September 1, 2004

URBANA--Like the weather, corn is everywhere and, as is often the case with atmospheric conditions, it is always not thoroughly understood. A new University of Illinois Extension website will ensure that third through fifth graders have a good understanding of an important Illinois economic resource.

"The Great Corn Adventure," which is part of the Schools Online section of the Urban Program Resources Network website, is an entertaining, interactive educational tool for classroom teachers, said Jane Scherer, U of I Extension urban programs specialist.

"The website features an animated character, 'Zea Mays,' who introduces children to the history and uses of corn," said Scherer.

Organized around such headings as "What Is Corn and What's the Story?" and "It's Lots More than Cornflakes," the website covers corn from see to use.

"One section, 'Where Does It Go?' uses maps to demonstrate the countries Illinois corn eventually reaches around the world," said Scherer.

U of I Extension educators Russell Higgins, integrated pest management, and Greg Stack, horticulture, were the content advisors for the site. The site includes a teacher's guide to assist in classroom use.

The site can be accessed by going to Schools Online at and clicking on "The Great Corn Adventure."